About Us

Wearing fanny packs as a kid in the 80’s and 90’s, I remember the convenience of having all my accessories right on my hip as I was on the go. 

Fast forward several years, I took a vacation to a beautiful foreign country where I saw lots of people are wearing fanny packs. It's obvious through my travels that the convenience of the waist bags is apparent but I wanted bring in fun designs and bright colors to the basic bags I was seeing....and that's when fannipac was born.

About Our Bags

Combining vibrant colors and enticing designs our fanny packs are the best travel accessory to hit the market. Perfect for hitting up your favorite amusement park, traveling, hiking, skating, snowboarding or just running everyday errands. Fannipac makes for the perfect accessory in low maintenance storage while you are on the move.

fp pockets

Pockets on Pockets

Featuring four versatile pockets (two forward pockets, one back pocket, and one hidden pocket inside) fannipac just understands you.

That Strap & Buckle Tho

The durable strap and stylish buckle on fannipac is made to fit almost any waist size up to 46”.

fannipac Buckle