5 Reasons to Bring Back the Fanny Pack

August 22, 2018

5 Reasons to Bring Back the Fanny Pack

5 Reasons to Bring Back the Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are making a comeback! We all know that as the phones get bigger, the pockets seem less feasible a solution for carrying our stuff. Coupled with fatter wallets filled with frequent shopper punch cards and charms adorning our keychains, there clearly is an ongoing struggle to find a reasonable way to keep your belongings on you comfortably and securely for the entirety of an outing.

While purses might seem logical for women, they still keep your hands tied and your focus hyper-vigilant when you set it down (if you even feel comfortable doing so). Backpacks can add weight to the shoulders that isn’t necessary and can wrinkle otherwise nicely-ironed attire. Not to mention, grabbing things from the backpack require a table or massive balancing act while searching to pull smaller, individual items out.

Fanny packs are nothing new but they've definitely been revamped and restructured to look modern while also boasting features that safeguard your up-to-date gadgets. Here, we list just a few of the reasons fanny packs are iconic and why you’ll want to #bringbackthefannypack

Comfort. At Fannipac, we know that one of the most daunting tasks of carrying around belongings is the weight we have to bear to do so. Fanny packs are about comfort and convenience. Everything can be accessible in a central location, which also alleviates the back or shoulder strain that can come from donning a handbag or book bag.

Style. With an adventurous and exciting lifestyle likely comes personality. You want to express yourself through the activities you invest your time in. Now, fannipac offers patterns that boasts a variety of themes and colors so that you can make every event that much more intriguing. Choose a fun fannipac pattern with a sleek, simple look or perhaps a more fun, vibrant visual aesthetic. Heck, get a few different ones to match your many sides and scenes.

Simplicity. Just bring what you need. Oftentimes, having a larger bag causes us to stuff more into it. It’s just a natural response to occupying space responsibly. That said, we at Fannipac seeks to minimize the “stuff” and the stress of toting more than necessary. Grab the keys, wallet, phone and chapstick. Place them all within reach inside your fannipac (complete with pockets for each if you desire) and head out. Simple. Sophisticated. Your stuff minus the stuffiness!

Security. While it’s obvious that all or most of your personal effects will be in a fannypac, the mere fact that it is around your waist not only deters theft but also allows your hands to be free in the event of such a scenario. You can decide where you want it to rest and can always turn it easily to be in front for ease of access and viewing or behind you whenever you deem fit. Some are side-carriers and others just let it move as it may.

Functionality. It goes without saying that the main benefit to Fannipac is its functionality. It’s all about ease of access and lightening the load. Everything you need and nothing you don’t, all within arm’s reach at any given time. With options for zippers, pockets and even design, you can use fannipac to help you secure your stuff, free your hands and make a statement all with the easy click of a buckle.

What do you say? Ready to bring back the fanny pack to a waist near you? Check out our unique fannipac designs and pick the ones that most speak to your fashionable and functional needs.

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