Music Festival Faves - Fanny Packs

October 02, 2018

Music Festival Faves - Fanny Packs

Why you need a fanny pack for the Festivals of 2019.

Let’s be honest, most of us shop for the “festival look”.

Yeah, there are those out there who brave the storm each day and are truly unique in their style of dress. Day in day out they look dressed for the festival battleground – shades and all.

We salute you.

For the rest of us, music festivals, whatever your genre, are a chance to let go of the day to day turmoil’s and let our hair down. It’s not necessary to “look” like anything at a festival – but we do. Many of us want to be a little different from our everyday self.

So, here’s why you need Fannipac with your festival outfits.


You may have seen our last blog - Fanny Packs are BACK.

From catwalks to getting papped on the street, celebrities and models alike are rocking the fanny pack.

Some are going for traditional waist hang, others across the chest, or even through the loops to double up as a belt. Regardless, we know that once the celebs pick up a trend, it’s here for quite a while.

Festival Fashion

Before we start here, we KNOW there is no set festival fashion.

Many of us enjoy playing along and wearing ‘brighter’ thing that we would every day. If you’re rocking that every day, this is even better for you.

Seriously, have you seen our styles? They aren’t standard color tones to match and hide away with your other clothes. Fannipac stands out!

Express yourself however you feel, and have a Fannipac to match. Whether you’re wanting unicorns, pineapples or spaceships – we've got a style to match.


“…but I’ve got a backpack.”

Sit down, Sally. Here’s the problem.

The humble backpack is a timeless classic and we will never badmouth it… except now. A little.

Yes, it’s great for getting you from home to the festival site, but do you really want to be pushing through crowds and dancing with a big old saggy bag on your back?

Want to get some cash out? Got to take your bag off.

Want to put cash back? Got to take your bag off.


Fanny pack: All your goods conveniently tucked safely away at waist height. Oh, and did we mention they look great.

Ever heard of Parkinson’s Law?

"Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion"

Well, a bag works in the same way. If you’ve got a load ofspace, you’re going to fill it with a load of stuff you don’t really need. Grab a fanny pack and take the essentials in style.


Here we have a practical, expressive and fashionable item. Your essentials are safe, they’re not hitting strangers in the face mid-dance and come in a whole array of colors and style options.

Better yet, you won’t be the pack mule of the group carrying everything in your backpack.

What’s not to love? Get your next festival fashion piece here.

P.S. Here’s a great link to 15 top festivals this year. Useful for 2019 planning!

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