5 Reasons to Take a Fanny Pack to Disney (and other amusement parks)

August 23, 2018

5 Reasons to Take a Fanny Pack to Disney (and other amusement parks)

5 Reasons to Take a Fannipac to Disney (and other amusement parks

Summer vacations may be ending, but visiting Disney parks never slows, no matter the season. In fact, just one park boasts an estimated daily average of about 56,000 visitors! That said, it is imperative to know all the tricks of the trade when venturing to and through the “Happiest Place on Earth.” In addition to knowing the best times to visit, the best deals for admittance and the most coveted places to see during one’s stay, there also is the often unspoken advantage of knowing what to bring. Here, we share 5 of the top reasons our fannipacs help make Disney and other similar amusement parks the joyful adventure you’re aiming for.

1. From airport to admission, security is easy!  With a small bag carrying just the essentials (keys, passports, ID, ticket passes and some cash) you are set.  Not to mention what you’ll save on space in either the airline or hotel luggage trips. Your turn will be quick and get you through the line that much faster so you can take your seat sooner, on either the plane or the Pirates of the Caribbean.

2. Holds what you need, deters what you don’t. Sometimes, the saving grace of a parent or spouse is the ability to say “if it doesn’t fit in the pack, you gotta put it back”.  Maybe this isn’t the case every day that you are visiting, but it certainly discourages those asking you to hold their Mickey ears and gigantic swirl lollipops.  Fannipacs allow you to carry just the essentials and a few extras for comfort(chapstick, hand sanitizer, mints) as well as the needed tools for tourism (camera, meds, band aids and even a small snack).  This way, when you approach a ride, everything stays with you and isn’t subject to theft from a cubby or forgetful frolicking from one ride to the next.  

3. VIP access.  Of course, there are Fastpasses, MagicBands, and all of the other line-skipping strategies. But we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the VIP access you’ll have to these tickets and all other items you brought with your fannipac located right at your waist!  Backpacks can be bulky and feel heavier as the day progresses and the lines linger.  With the fannipac, you have instant access without having to flip, fumble and balance hanging bags or purses. With pockets dedicated to your respective objects, you can quickly see-and-snag what you need – even mid-stroll.

4. Keep your personal items…personal.  Owning a fannipac makes all of youritems easy to access while also deterring ease of access from others! Such a small bag can be affixed comfortably to your waist and can be moved easily to behind you when venturing onto an upside-down undertaking or other various attractions. Even with a lap bar or strap, you don’t need to remove the fannipac. Just “slide to the side and enjoy the ride!”

5. Pictures and Pick PocketersHaving your hands free is an obvious benefit for multiple reasons.  Not only does having your arms free allow for the ultimate bunny-ear poses and thumbs-up for picture-taking, but it also keeps your belongings close and front and center, preventing pick pocketing.  In a high-traffic area like the Disney Parks, theft could happen (and does) easily. Fannipac makes it that much harder to steal from you, while making it that much easier for you to respond in the event it is attempted.

Ready to get this much-needed travel item checked off your list? Visit fannipac.com to see our many designs and patterns that are sure to support you in your next amusement park escapade!

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