How to Wear Your Fanny Pack with Style

October 02, 2018

How to Wear Your Fanny Pack with Style

Fanny pack. You know the name.

But what about Bum bag? Waist bag?
Belt bag?
Hip bag?
You might be starting to notice some of these words appearing more and more. That’s because some of the world biggest brands are now starting to use fanny packs for fashion pieces.
Time to jump on the wagon.

Chest bump

For guys, fanny packs are now the fastest growing piece of men’s accessories – we’re talking $100 million in sales.
They're seen on the runways (fashion, not the plane type) of Alexander Wang and Louis Vuitton.
Many of the men’s fashion market, including A$AP Rocky, are wearing their fanny pack a little differently. Rather than strapping their fanny pack like a belt, they’re strapping it across their chest, over the shoulder.
Sort of like a small forward facing backpack.

Bright and wonderful

90’s colors are still around. More thought out than back then, bright combinations and throwbacks are key.
Brightly coloured fanny packs are being used to break up colours, or to add a bright flash to a little more subtle set up.
If it’s not the centre piece of your look, remember not to overfill your fanny pack. You want it to fulfill its fashion role quietly.

Off center

The well know types, Rhianna or Kendall Jenner, have taken on their own fanny pack fashions. Rather than front and centre, a la The Rock in THAT photo, their wearing theirs off to the side.
Think of a handbag, by your side aching your shoulder, bouncing off your hip as you walk.
Same place. No shoulder problems. No bag bruising. Get that fanny pack off center.

In the loop

Want to keep your fanny pack tight to you? Rather than the usual “loose” look, wear your fanny pack like you wold usually wear a belt.
What better belt buckle could you ask for?

Karlie Kloss may have done it with a Gucci “belt bag” costing $1000+, but you can wear it better with a Fannipac for under $30.
Ours have more room too...

Winter is coming

Best thing (OK, one of the good things) about a fanny pack is its versatility. Increase your loop size and wear your fanny pack over your winter layers. Cinch in the waist and show the world that you know what looks great.

Finishing up

Traditional, across the check, belt buckle or layers.
There are loads of ways to wear your fanny pack with style. But the most important is that YOU wear your fanny pack how YOU like.
If you’re looking to add 2018’s biggest accessory, and run the style you want, get the look here.

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